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BORUDAT GOSTAR ARTA MEHR LLC (ARTA MEHR) is a dynamically organized company,  operating from the Iran and Turkey.

ARTA MEHR  covering the growing construction market of the Europe , Gulf, Central Asia and Middle East. As a specialized company in the construction sector and industrial sector, the company is always seeking new and quality innovative leading edge technologies in various sectors of industry.

Ali Jalali Milani, C.E.O. And Founder and Ali Mohamadzadeh , C.E.O. established BORUDAT GOSTAR ARTA MEHR LLC in 2015. Since then ARTA MEHR has demonstrated a progressive growth that puts it with direct competition with the big names in the business, making it one of the leading group of companies in this sector.

ARTA MEHR  continues to grow with a marketing policy based on quality products, competitive prices, excellent after sales service and punctuality. ARTA MEHR represents many regional and international manufacturers with products pertaining to the construction, industrial and various other sectors.

ARTA MEHR Head Office is located in Tabriz, Tehran-Iran and have Turkey and Turkmenistan branches. We also have branches in Halkalı, Mersin and ErenKöy customs to speed up the import and export affairs. we have access to an excellent communication network and world renowned freight (Sea, Air, Land) facilities. Our own facilities , gives us the competitive edge, by aiding the trading interaction, export or import activities, with any part of the world.

Our Import product line contains the all kinds of mechanical, industrial, Explosion Proof products and building management system parts, equipments and spare parts. In additional  Construction Equipment, Textiles madeups, Garments, Baby products and Paper Tissue.

Our export product line contains  Construction Equipment, Oil product, Ex Proof Equipments. With Talented, Experienced associates and having presence in various states of IRAN & TURKEY we will be able to handle all size of orders.

We are the assigned representative of famous brand of worldwide about heating, cooling, air conditioning, ventilation and building management system products,hydraulic and pneumatic system , pressure and temperature measurement , equipment and spare parts in the IRAN and TURKEY .


Building a better future with all our energy across Iran, Turkey and various regions along with our employees.


Growing into the most commercially successful and preferred company around Iran ,Turkey and neighboring countries.

We welcome all new clients, just call or email us for more information.

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